25 Star White Balsamic Vinegar of Modena


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Our delicious white balsamic treat features a sweet, smooth taste and a thicker consistency than its 6-Star counterpart. Perfect for lighter colored glazes and sauces or simply drizzled over fresh fruit in the spring and summer months. Always a refreshing and delicious taste adventure!

The fullest flavor of our balsamics can be enjoyed when stored in a cool, dark place through date noted on bottle/tag. Produced in Italy from Trebbiano grapes. All are caramel free.

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Is there sugar added to your 25 Star Balsamic?
NO! The sweetness of our balsamic is due to the high amount of concentrated grape must in our product. The more grape must, the thicker and sweeter it becomes.

How does your 25 Star Balsamic compare to the “Up to 18 Year Old Balsamic” that is found in many olive oil stores?

First of all, it the product was truly that aged, the price would prohibit the average person from being able to afford it as would sell for about $25/ounce. Secondly, according to PGI rules, it could only be called “aged” if it is really a certified product. Condimento balsamic cannot be classified as PGI nor can it be claimed as aged under PGI rules.

An actual age is not claimed on our product as we follow the law and guidelines set in place by the consortium. However, we feel that our product stands for itself. We invite you to compare the products side by side and decide for yourself which product is superior.

What type of barrels is the 25 Star Balsamic aged in?
Slovanian Oak for the dark and Stainless Steel for the white.

What makes your 25 Star Balsamic so thick?
It contains a minimum of 80% high quality must and wine vinegar that is aged a minimum of 10 years. The resultant product is naturally thick and sweet.

How is the 25 Star White Balsamic made and how does it differ from the dark?
The product is produced in the same manner with the same ingredients as the dark balsamic. The difference is that for the white, the producer chooses the lightest batch of grape must they have and then they filter the resultant product which lightens it further.